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Default Re: Why did the League of Shadows want to destroy a peaceful city?

Originally Posted by jmc View Post
I will say this, the only way I can see the 'revenge' plot working from the perspective I've pointed too is that it's Bane who convinces Talia to do it as a means for him to take control of the LoS. She's loyal to him so it is plausible that he could convince her that this is what she should do.
And to me, that is sort of the interesting thing about how their relationship is presented. They are both so loyal to one another that what you've suggested is entirely plausible and not really contradicted at all by what the movie shows.

It could be that Bane is one who came up with the entire plan, and was just fortunate enough to have a special relationship with an al Ghul in high places to help make it happen.

Or it could be that Talia, as she says, was more concerned with honoring her father as opposed to avenging him, but needed an acting commander she both trusted and knew was capable of waging the scale of war that was necessary. Enter her old protector.

Or ... how about ... with Ra's and Ubu/Watanabe both dead after the events of BB, the LOS are crippled by a lack of leadership. With no foreseeable future for the League, many of the remaining men go off do freelance mercenary work, while many others become members of Bane's army (like Barsad). As Bane's men develop a fierce loyalty to him, his legend grows and they become something of a "new" LOS, but are still ultimately mercenaries working as hired guns. Meanwhile, Miranda Tate (having changed her identity to after the falling out with her father) is living the life of an international philanthropist, while quietly dealing with her father's death and contemplating the future. Eventually she learns that Bane is running his own operation, establishes contact with him... the emergence of Ra's al Ghul's rightful heir to the throne energizes all the smaller splintered pieces of the LOS to unite under a higher goal, aka "The fire rises". Talia proposes another attack on Gotham, Bane is happy to oblige and an unholy alliance is forged.

Sorry, I know I just went off on a furious fanfic tangent there, but this is one of those gaps in the movie that I find very ripe for imagination. I think there's a good story in there and I really wish it could be told via graphic novel some day. I'd bet good money that this part of the backstory has been mapped out in a Nolan's (or Goyer's) notebook somewhere. It's screenwriting 101 that you always come up with a backstory for your characters even if it's not dealt with in the movie. I could swear I remember reading that Nolan had is own idea of what The Joker's backstory was too, even though he never intended to divulge it to the audience, but that it just helps the process. Don't quote me on that though, I'm not 100% sure about that one.

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