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Default Re: The Anti-Prequel Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by BenKenobi View Post
Your complaining about me and how I think I'm right, the point of the thread is for people who don't like the prequels.
The point of this thread is a lousy one, and these types of threads stifle real discussion in the first place. "Everyone agrees over here. If you disagree, go somewhere else."

I agree echo chambers suck, thats why I never post on the RedLetterMedia boards, it's too much of an extreme.
I can honestly say good for you on that.

Being said, you are in position to criticize my choice to openly express my views somewhere that was created for people like me to do exactly so.
Every time someone says something that you don't agree with, rather than attacking their argument you make some snide remark or try to discredit them as a poster,
You keep thinking that this is about your mere opinion, and acting as if your words are unassailable. You seem incapable of viewing the discussion in any terms beyond yourself.

I don't care if you hate these movies. Their subjective quality to you is not really my concern.

I'm talking about the facts clearly establshed by canon, which no one can casually disregard in a discussion with other people on the subject while expecting to be taken seriously.

The movies outright say that the Trade Federation are "Separatists," with an objective to "secede." This is not open to debate.

Palpatine's ran as the anti-Trade Federation candidate during the election for the new Chancellor in TPM. They hate him and see him as an enemy. Again, this is a fact whether you liked the movie or not.

Palpatine only appears to the Separatists as a hologram in a secret identity. The Separatists do not exist to serve Palpatine, who again, they hate. The Separatists want to escape the control of the central galactic government, while the the Empire is the big central government with Palpatine as the undisputed ruler. Therefore, they are not the same thing as you tried to claim.

None of this has anything to do with whether you liked the movies personally. Somehow, you mentally framed this all as your self-centered opinion, and refused to discuss these things as separate from your feelings. You go on your gut feelings, right or wrong, and refuse to approach the facts in an objective way.

This is why I did not like talking to you, and why it's been a big waste of time. Not everything is about you and your feelings. Think about that.

I'm done with you.

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