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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
could be. Well, the one time ( i believe) Thanos and Odin have fought, technically neither won. This is essentially how the fight went

Basically, Odin was in a fighting mood. No reason with him. So Thanos took the silver surfer by his side and they took on thanos. Odin Blasts thanos, as you see, Thanos tanks it. Thanos then blasts Odin along with Surfer, Odin takes it. Odin then blasts Thanos, as he stumbles back a bit. Meanwhile the silver surfer attacks from above! With powerful blasts, it merely gets odin's attention, and pisses him off, he then blasts the surfer, one shotting him. Now its odin and thanos, thanos runs in, and punches him with an amped punch, staggering Odin a bit, who then recovers and counters with a smack to thanos, staggering him a bit more. They talk, putting each other down, in a way, more so thanos, odin sort of is admired by his effort. Then thanos talks and blasts odin, getting him to step back at bit and stagger odin, as he blocks his face (merely stagger, Odin's attacks seem to be a bit more powerful than thanos'. Odin then makes a bunch of rocks and elements fall on thanos, as he creates a shield, protecting himself from it. Thanos then creates a field of pure energy, trapping odin inside. Odin breaks free after a short amount of time. Odin then summons gungnir, and blasts thanos. Sending him FLYING through asgard and into buildings. Odin goes to where thanos landed, and says, all of Odin's enemys fall, as Thanos gets up super quickly emerging from rubble, tells odin that he boasts prematurely. Odin then blasts him again with gungnir, a concentrated blast, except, instead of sending thanos flying, thanos puts his hand up, and slowly wades through the concentrated blast, walks through it, with difficulty, and walks up, and grabs the spear. an explosion happens, and they both go flying up. Thanos lands first, then odin. Thanos is down. Odin lands near him, and says that Thanos was one of the toughest foes he faced in eons, and asked him if he yields. Then Thanos slowly gets up, it takes him 4 panels to get up, and Thanos says no. Odin is shocked. Thanos seemed to have recovered, and chargese up his hands, and warlock and them intervene and explain to odin the situation, and that they needed his help.

For this fight, even though odin couldn't put him down, it was a bit clear who was superior. Thanos' INSANE duribility kept him in the fight. Thanos couldn't really hurt odin, and even though odin was hurting thanos, it took him some effort, and a bit of time. It's why he summoned gungnir, then he was getting the better of thanos. and was hurting him.

Thanos, since then, has been upgraded, and has become a bit more powerful.

However, not enough to put down odin. Thanos is more durable, and seemingly more powerful. I'd say, the fight would go similar now to how it went then. Except Thanos will last a little bit longer, and he will be able to stagger odin, hurting him a bit. But Odin would still be superior, ultimately, Odin is more powerful, thanos has power to disturb him, but the duribility to go toe to toe with him for a bit. So Odin wins.
Odin couldn't take Thanos on if Thanos had the IG. You left out the main part of that battle in the panels above: namely, that Thanos had come to Odin seeking his help --- to fight Thor. Who not only was gripped with Warrior's Madness, but also had the Power Gem. If it took the combined might of Thanos, Odin, Adam Warlock, and Silver Surfer just to take down Thor with just one Infinity Gem, how the hell could Odin....or Surfer, or Warlock, or Thor, or anyone....stand against someone with all six Gems?

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post

Now we talk about how different MCU Loki is from Comics Loki but he's not the only one! Odin is kind of a villain in his own right in the comics at times from what I've seen.

Other than Marvel/Branagh/the writers wanting to make him a much more sympathetic father figure, for the "family drama" they were making here, why do you suppose that is that he's been changed so much?

Current MCU Odin wants the realms to be at peace, he wouldnt go out and fight because he's in a fighting mood and basically banishes Thor for doing just that. If Odin was much more warlike like his comics counterpart in his youth, as Thor was, seeking out "glorious battles", then why the change of heart by the time he found Loki as a baby? It seems like comic book Odin would have just slain the child and been done with it. I know in the comics he takes him in as a way of getting his father's ghost to stop haunting him (basically) by taking in a child of his enemy, but I don't think they'll go in that direction with this, could be wrong but I think we'll get a fresh take.
Odin told Loki the reason why he had spared his life: because he wanted him to one day grow up to be the ambassador of peace between the two nations. He kind of lost sight of that along the way --- just one eye and all --- and Loki was left to be "just another relic in Odin's treasury."

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
I don't think Odin is necessarily THAT different from comics, as he DID banish Thor, he DID get angry. I just think the comic version of Odin is in MCU Odin's past. I take it as MCU Odin, in terms of the span of his life, is very, very old. Maybe to the point where he can't so much fight in as much battles as he used to. As he is older, and seeks to avoid conflict. Given the weapons vault, and as Loki said Odin is the "most powerful being in the 9 realms", I think Odin was once this all mighty powerful warrior, like in the comics, he has just simply grown out of that in the MCU, as he is aging. That's what I think. I don't think there is THAT much of a difference.

Shabingo. I think Anthony Hopkins' Odin is every bit as unforgiving and wrathful as comic-book Odin, but he at least tries to keep peace, and does not suffer lightly those who break the peace...even his own son.

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
Thor in Avengers says the Chitauri are not from any world known and they dont know about Thanos at all it seems based on him asking Loki "who controls the would be king?" So that seems like that more evidence that Thanos is in another dimension or separate part the universe far from the 9 realms and Odin's domain.
Not necessarily. Loki never responds when Thor asks him directly who gave him this information, so we won't know if Thor/Asgard were pre-aware of Thanos' existence until later movies, hopefully including this one. I still hold the Infinity Gauntlet in Odin's Treasury as film canon, so I personally believe Odin and Loki and Thor and the rest of Asgard know full well who Thanos is.

It seems like Odin should be aware of Thanos, as big a threat as he is perceived to be, and would have told Thor about him, if Thanos was known within the 9 realms. And if it was easy for Thanos to travel and send his army to Earth/the 9 realms, (at this point in the story) it seems like he would have done so without some mischievous disgruntled Asgardian/miniature frost giant's help.
Only if Thanos had any desire/need to go to Earth. He didn't, until Loki revealed to him that the Tesseract was there, in SHIELD custody.

Also, my suspicion is that Odin should have picked up on Loki being alive and maybe even where he might be if he were in the 9 realms during that time. Again because he'd be in Odin's domain, Odin would seem likely to pick up on it. But maybe he's not that powerful, or not in that way so I could be wrong on that.
Maybe not Odin; but you do bring up a good point: there's a strong likelihood that Heimdall, the all-seeing, should have been able to spot him. Then again, Loki proved in Thor 1 that he's particularly adept at shielding his movements from Heimdall, and he may be the only such person capable of doing that.

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
Nice. Yeah, stuff like that...

I don't know where this panel is from but...

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Now why is Daddy beating up on and verbally abusing Thor?

That's from 2011's Fear Itself miniseries. Which may wind up planting seeds in Thor: TDW and future Thor/Avenger films. What's happening there is that Odin's long-lost brother Skadi, God of Fear, has returned from ancient slumber on Earth and is about to set off Ragnarok. Odin says the only way to stop him is to destroy Midgard, and Skadi with it. Thor is horrified and intercedes on behalf of humanity, and Odin gets pissed and asks his son point blank: "Are you a man or a god? Choose." Thor chooses to be a man, and on the side of Midgard/humanity. We might see a scene similar to that coming to a theater near you this Thanksgiving.


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