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Default Re: The Reboot Joker

In the first film have Batman chase someone down into a chemical plant, have him accidentally fall into a vat of chemical waste. (Don't have him full on red hood, but maybe have him wear a literal red hood as a nod for the fans) at the end of the first film, though it DOES sound like a repeat of the Batman Begins ending, have maybe Gordon say to Batman that the freaks are on the rise, mentioning that the police recently arrested someone dressed as a clown for an example. In the second film have a scene inside Arkham where it is mentioned the a Dr. Harleen Quinnzel has been having sessions with "Mr. J", maybe hinting that she is starting to fall for him. A post credits scene would be Harleen sitting down to begin a session with Mr. J, who has his back to the Camera. After exchanging a few words, the final shot of the film would be Mr. J from the front, smiling. Third film would be full on Harley and Joker.

Obviously his skin would be dyed white. His hair would be green, not a bright green, but something more noticeable than Heath Ledger. He would wear eyeliner and would have lipstick going to his cheeks in the shape of a smile. Costume would be the same as Arkham Asylum/City, except with a green skinny tie instead of the bow tie. Personality would be similar to heath ledger, except with a bigger sense of humor.

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