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Default Re: The Anti-Prequel Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by BenKenobi View Post
You have the right to an opinion, however the majority of critics and the general audience above the age of 14, panned them. From a strictly critical point of view the movies are very lazily made aside for the special effects aspect, and from a strictly critical perspective the story is also subpar.
Even if all of this was fact, I wish I gave a flying f**k about what other people think. But it's not, and I don't, so...

Oh, and you throw around the word "critical" a lot, without really knowing what it is. One more way to pass your personal views on this as fact.

No if you are really going to point to your right to opinion to like the prequels in a threat called "The Anti-Prequel Discussion Thread", then why are you even posting in it?
I never ever argue opinions. I have never called anyone out when they've stated they hate the acting or the CGI or subjective stuff like that. But when someone says how the movies are illogical, I do post and argue them, always being (or trying my hardest to be) respectful. 'Cause this is an argument in which evidence and facts can be provided by the movies themselves.

I never had to say "It's my opinion and I like them" before, not until you tried to generalize your opinion and pass it as fact. You'll notice that's when I started to refrain from posting, 'cause I figured what kind of conversation you're going for (and I'm not interested in it).

You may disagree with the popular consensus but obviously we do not, so theres no point in posting to say you still have the right to like something we don't, rather than discussing it.
I did discuss it and have been doing so before you joined the conversation. It's when you started posting opinions as facts that I stopped. But I'm done with this, if you're done with me.

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