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Default Re: Things you noticed after multiple viewings on DVD / BluRay.

The touchdown was the first play of the game.

Batman using his blades to cut the mask, instead of him punching it to break it.

The night day thing during the chase.

that when bane says we both know i have to kill you he holds a gun in his hands, rather than attempt to kill him with his bare hands.

How many times Talia eluded to her evilness, screwed the heroes over.

that the line Bruce is hanging from in the hospital scene is from his cane.

that the Asian cop that died was from BB

That the only people at bruces funeral were the people who new he was batman, and NO ONE ELSE

That the tablet in the chase scene was a computer

that batman leaves behind the bat pod in that alley, and the cops don't look for it.

That catwoman stole the gun she had.

That batman doesn't have his leg brace for the last half.

That the prisoners post LoS raid were a completely different group of people.

That they leave the fate of catwomans friend unknown

That when dagget's man falls through the ice banes goon feels sorry for him.

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