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Default Re: Plan out the sequels to Amazing Spider-Man

Originally Posted by Picard Sisko View Post
In TASM2, Mary Jane should be introduced, but have a small role (as Sony said she would). At the end of the film, Gwen is killed.

By TASM3, Peter is coping with her death, trying to move on. He has to deal with the Green Goblin in the process, and the mystery of his parents as well. By the end of the film, he finally is able to accept Gwen's death, and begin his relationship with Mary Jane. Finally, he finds his Uncle Ben's killer, and after everything he has been through in all 3 films, his responsibility here is truly tested; now he has to decide on what the right thing to do would be. Ultimately, he turns him into the police, and can move on knowing his uncle's killer has been brought to justice, and continues his life as Spider-Man. Everything comes full circle.

The whole trilogy could be the "origin" of Peter Parker's transformation into Spider-Man. In the Raimi films, Peter gets bit, quickly learns responsibility, and becomes Spider-Man instantly. I think this franchise has the potential to get much deeper than that.
Ilike this idea, only thing is it sounds like what Nolan did with batman I'm his trilogy. Bruce never fully accomplished what he settled out to do from begins till rises. Movie came full circle.

I think Peter needs to learn responsibility when Gwen dies. He already broke the promise to capt Stacy about staying away from her, and that seals her fate right there. He loses her, realizes he brought this on her and grows and matures from this tragic event. Now when they kill her off, who knows. Could be 2nd film since maryjane has been introduced, but that's not to say it can go on into movie three. Who knows how far these movies will go beyond a trilogy....

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