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Default Re: Who saw the original movie in theaters?

Originally Posted by Darthkush View Post
Heh. That's back when Pizza Hut was still more of a sitdown restaurant. Back then, i felt special when we went to pizza hut lol. Seemed like around 1992 or 1993 it became more delivery based and less like an actual place to eat dinner at.
We used to go to Pizza Hut every Friday night when I was a kid. I was there for Comin' Out of Their Shells. I played Street Fighter I there.

I saw TMNT The Movie in theaters. And I remember seeing things on Entertainment Tonight about it... including a clip of the campfire scene which made me freak the hell out because I thought that meant Splinter was dead. It was also my gateway into the Mirage comics. Up to that point it was all toys, cartoon and a couple Archie comics. When I picked up the Archie edition of the movie adaptation comic my mind was blown(much like Mikey's in the new show after tasting pizza for the first time). From then on I hunted down Mirage comics to the best of my ability. My first one was probably an issue of the Return to New York arc.

It's really fun for me to share those movies with my son and to watch the new show with him every week. We had just gotten into the 2003 series when the Nick series started... so we have tons of TMNT watching to do.

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