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Default Re: Pepper Potts as Rescue

Originally Posted by Just one more View Post
Yes they have at one time or another. Pepper is different in that she is in danger far more often than those you mention.

Tony is also in love with her. I'm sure he cares about those other people around him but he is not in love with them. People do crazy things to protect the people they love, I'm sure Tony is no exception.

If you are a supervillain, what's the best way to hurt a superhero who's identity is public to the world? IMO it would be going after the people they love.
Not in the comics world, Tony isn't. In love with Pepper, that is. In the comics universe, Pepper was just a friend who was married to another friend, Happy. (It's only been since the movie came out in 2008 that Marvel conveniently wrote Happy out of the picture and made Pepper a widow to free her up for Tony.) The MCU dropped that angle and turned Tony and Pepper into an item (because it's RDJ and Gwyn....who wouldn't want that?)

But even in the context of the MCU, and disregarding comic book canon, the idea of giving Pepper an iron suit is disrespectful to both Tony *and* her.

It's disrespectful to Pepper's character in that it makes her weak: is she so much of a pantywaist damsel-in-distress that Tony needs to keep her permanently locked up in a steel cage to keep her safe? And why the hell would Pepper even agree to it? She's an on-the-go head of a major corporation, and is always in the public eye....having to walk around in an IM suit all the time makes her look weak, like a walking target, or even makes her look like a superhero, which is something she's not and never wanted to be.

And it's disrespectful to Tony's character because it makes him look like he's thinking with his dick. "No, I won't bother building suits for my other friends or family or valued workers or anybody else I might care about, but I don't mind building one for my shawty." And that paints an even bigger bullseye on Pepper, because Mandarin and every other enemy would surmise that she's the only person Tony gives a damn about besides himself.

You guys are reading Tony's line in the trailer about "protecting the only thing I care about" as meaning he wants to build Pepper a high-tech chastity belt or something. Instead, the answer is probably much simpler and more dramatic: it indicates that there'll come a point in their relationship in this movie where both Tony and Pepper will have to recognize that the only way for her to stay safe is for Tony to distance himself from her, and call their relationship quits.


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