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Default Re: Characters you'd like to see in future Avengers movies?

You know, all this talk of Spider-Man, Wolverine, Dr. Strange etc., appearing in an Avengers sequel has me scratching my head.

Yeah, i know Bendis has decided to make practically every Marvel character under the sun an Avenger these days in the comics, but honestly there are several key members from the Avengers comics earliest days that deserve to be on the big screen by virtue of their seniority and contributions to AVENGERS mythology:

Hank Pym
The Wasp
Scarlet Witch
Black Panther
The Vision
Wonder Man
Ms. Marvel

Hell, X-Men's Hank McCoy deserves a spot in an Avengers sequel long before Wolverine and Dr. Strange do.

Strange, Wolverine, Spider-Man...they were brought into the comics simply as eye candy to boost comic sales.

The Avengers movie has eclipsed the X-men and Spidey movies in ticket sales.

They aren't needed here.

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