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Default Re: How Long Was Bruce Wayne Actually Batman in this Trilogy?

I read here in the hype that according to this recently released book (the dark knight handbook?? guidebook?? whatever...), the "batman parts" in BB, happen during a time span of 3 years, from the moment he returns to Gotham (2003) to the moment he beats Ra's (2005); then, it's another 3 years till the events of TDK; we can know that due to the year 2008 being stablished many times during the movie (if you pay close enough attention) and also, Gordon's kids age, compared to baby Barbara we saw in BB; that alone gives you 6/7 years of good ole batmaning; which, to be honest, in a "real world" scenario, no person, no matter if your the fittest guy on the face of the earth, could withstand for more than a year.

This is just what I gathered, if anyone proves me wrong, cool; but this timeline works for me.


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