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Default Re: Why did the League of Shadows want to destroy a peaceful city?

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post

Or ... how about ... with Ra's and Ubu/Watanabe both dead after the events of BB, the LOS are crippled by a lack of leadership. With no foreseeable future for the League, many of the remaining men go off do freelance mercenary work, while many others become members of Bane's army (like Barsad). As Bane's men develop a fierce loyalty to him, his legend grows and they become something of a "new" LOS, but are still ultimately mercenaries working as hired guns. Meanwhile, Miranda Tate (having changed her identity to after the falling out with her father) is living the life of an international philanthropist, while quietly dealing with her father's death and contemplating the future. Eventually she learns that Bane is running his own operation, establishes contact with him... the emergence of Ra's al Ghul's rightful heir to the throne energizes all the smaller splintered pieces of the LOS to unite under a higher goal, aka "The fire rises". Talia proposes another attack on Gotham, Bane is happy to oblige and an unholy alliance is forged.

This very similar to what I imagined happened. I imagined that they found themselves in very different places socially when they reunited but having similar goals and their friendship was rekindled and the plan was mutually developed.

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