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Default Re: Pepper Potts as Rescue

Originally Posted by Zeerola View Post
Because that wouldn't be disrespectful at all.
Sacrificing your happiness with a person you love for the sake of that person's safety is...disrespectful?

I'm not sure you understand what the word "disrespectful" means.

Actually, I agree with cherokeesam. Tony and Pepper may love each other, but they will eventually have to recognize that Iron Man puts Tony and his loved ones in constant danger, and always will until Tony gives it up.

Considering Tony basically need Iron Man in order to justify his own existence at this point, I'd say it's more likely that Tony and Pepper split on good terms when they recognize that Iron Man isn't going anywhere. This, of course, frees Pepper up to pursue Happy and bring things closer to the comic.

As far as Rescue...I wouldn't completely discount the possibility of it appearing or of Pepper donning the suit in IM3. However, I think Pepper would not enjoy using the suit and the use of it would further her realization that she's not on the same page as Tony, who is practically addicted to using his Iron Man armor.

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