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Default Re: How Long Was Bruce Wayne Actually Batman in this Trilogy?

I think the movies make it seem like TDK is 6 months or so after BB but it could be a few years. The books say 1 to 2 years between Bruce's return to Gotham and the death of Ra's. Then 3 years of a gap between BB/TDK.

Just because Joker says "a year ago these cops & lawyers wouldn't dare cross any of you". You can take that however you please. Batman could have REALLY started crippling the mob just a year prior to Dark Knight. Batman could have looked into the Joker card and found nothing on him, then Joker only made appearances once in a blue moon.

It also seems like Rachel and Dent have been dating for more than just a few months. The whole "spending the rest of our lives together, etc". Bruce also says to Rachel "you once told me that we'd be together.." That line always sounds like Bruce is remembering something from a long while ago. If she said that to him a few months ago why would he word it in that way? Remember...the end of Begins seems like it could be April (spring time) and the start of TDK seems like August. That's like 4 months. It just feels a lot longer to me. Even down to Bruce's physical appearance and how much thinner and drained he is.

This could certainly give more weight to TDKR and that 8 year gap. It could also mean that other stories can come into play to fill in the blanks (via graphic novel perhaps). More mob bosses, etc between the events of Begins and Dark Knight. Or Arkham psychopaths.

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