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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Holy cow!! That's insane. So do you think they might do something like that--give Thor the Power Gem, send him into Warrior's Madness, and have some other characters have to take him on? By-and-by, it appears we will have Thanos and Adam Warlock introduced to the MCU (though, alas, not the Silver Surfer).
Not quiet yet. When Thor enters warrior's madness, it is a..disease if you will. With Thor just growing out of his, hungry warrior state, they are trying to display him as a bit more wise, and not quite as battle hungry. Sending him into warrior's madness in thor 2 would be a bit premature. Though I would love to see a bloodlusted warrior's madness mcu thor. Just not yet. And the power gem, it all depends if they go the route with the gem. I mean, the gauntlet is in there. I would like to sort of see an MCU Thanos quest, where he atleast collects some of the gems, and I am sure sam would too, considering he loves Thanos as much as I do. But I am with sam in thinking the IG in his room is canon. It wasn't even in a deleted scene, was it?

I agree with you guys. I think Thor has someone in mind and wants to see what Loki actually has been up to. Loki's lack of answer can't possibly be comforting in the least.
that's how I see it as well. I think we will get a better idea on how well thanos is known. I mean, if the IG in the vault IS canon. He must be pretty universally known. I don't know how much smaller scaled the IG will be in the MCU compared to the comics, but as sam and I said, it is incredibly powerful, and he essentially became god. Surely it's been downscaled. However, if the IG is in Odin's vault, then something already happened. Thanos already tried to complete some sort of universal plan, and with the IG he MUST have been some sort of universal threat. Given that, I am sure he is known through out the cosmos, it may be assumed that he is dead, or that no one knows where he is. Perhaps he is scheming for another chance to destroy the universe?

Even though it's a right-handed glove?
lol I think it's just mere coincidence

You mean Thor3, I presume? Are you saying you've given up on Surtur??

I think there is a risk of what you're describing coming to pass (Thanos vs. the Avengers). In the first place, they're going to need someone to fight, if not in Avengers 2, then in Avengers 3 (hence my question of clarification). Second, films in general are vulnerable to the "Humans are Special" trope ( As I've mentioned in this space, I've been watching Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and that show is prone to setting up the fights (and the story) so that the humans (particularly Mr. Purple Pants and Mr. Smarty Pants) save the day, yet again. So this franchise in particular is vulnerable to it.

Oh I am sorry. No, I meant Thanos in Avengers 3. Not Thor 3. Since he probably had a universal plan, and the other said to him "the universe will be yours", whatever he is planning, if he abandons that temporarily to attack earth ok, but if he is defeated permanantly, and that's it? Surely you'd thnkk that sucks. He is planning something, then takes a break, only to get defeated, and we never even get to see him carry out this universal plan? I bet he IS going to attack earth, however, he needs more. ESPECIALLY where it has been established that he did have another goal in mind first most likely, which is why I think he needs to appear in avengers 3 as well. Personally, I love the idea of the first 3 avengers movie being a built up to thanos. Maybe thanos comes at the end of avengers 2. They defeat him in battle, but he still laughs, or something. After credit scene is like..warlock and nova or something asking for their help, telling them that the universe itself is in danger.

True, although too much of that essentially makes Heimdall suffer from the Worf Effect trope ( (This is Thor's problem, I think, in A:EMH)
<The panel that Elizah posted>

American maid, Sam said some very informative stuff, and when I quoted it, it appeared all messed up, it made it look like I did it, due to my screwing up of the quote feature, but the fear itself stuff, and heimdall stuff, that was sam, not me :P

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