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Default Re: Why did the League of Shadows want to destroy a peaceful city?

Originally Posted by jmc View Post
I can only assume that when Bane was excommunicated from the LoS that Talia went with him, to me that says her bond was always with Bane which makes sense given he was their protecting her for the first dozen years of her life, any child shrink would tell you that no matter how much blood they shared Talia and Ra's relationship would never be as strong as her relationship with Bane. Ultimately the more plausible outcome wouldn't be someone who would seek revenge, it's someone who would accept what happened and would move on because her actual parental figure, ie Bane, is still alive. Guilt about a falling out? Perhaps, but not to the extent of planning to finish what he started, it's doesn't make any logical sense from a realism perspective anyway.
There are always exceptions to the rules. The fact that you're so sure about how a little girl would react when you have very little knowledge of what she was thinking about is incredibly misguided.

In my mind, her relationship with Bane is more of that of an older brother, but she always was seeking her father, and the idealized relationship that is the father/daughter relationship. When Ra's later banishes a man who was essentially a brother to her, she has an internal hatred for him for that, but upon his death by betrayal, she finally sees him for what he was in his own mind. It mirrors a very natural child/parent relationship - you idealize them as a child, find your own way (and see how far you can push yourself from them) as you grow, then finally appreciate them for what they truly are as a mature adult.

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