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Default Re: Pepper Potts as Rescue

Originally Posted by UnionJack View Post
Maybe the thing he is protecting is IronMan, the legacy he has created. Hopefully the film isn't just a story of Tony and Pepper.
I don't think it will be. There's a LOT of scenes in the trailers so far that don't feature Pepper at all, and a good bit of them that show Tony alone. Most of the interviews and write-ups about the movie so far tend to zero in on that feature --- the fact that Tony *will* be alone in this movie, and back to his proverbial cave. I also remember reading that Gwyn said she doesn't have a big role here.

I still strongly, strongly suspect that Pepper dies, period. Nothing would leave Tony more alone than that.

But on that note, I'll throw a (bitter) bone to those still holding out for Rescue armor, and leave you with this passing thought on the idea of Tony putting Pepper in an Iron Man suit to keep her "safe":

....maybe Tony *does* put her in an Iron Man suit to keep her safe from his enemies. And maybe we see that very thing happen in the trailer. When Mandarin's faux news choppers attack the Malibu mansion, it could very well be that Tony has Pepper hastily don his suit to escape....

....and that's actually her we see in the Iron Man suit that gets dragged to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.


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