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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

and it's not like he's going to look all THAT different from the last two time. But still, it would be nice to see him in costume just to reaffirm that he's in it. (not that I'm doubting he will be, lol)
Oh I know lol. I don't mean just Loki, I mean the fact that this movie comes out in 10 months and all we got is set pictures . For Thor, we had a trailer in july of 2010.

ROFLMAO!!!! Um... did that come out the way you wanted AM?

Nonetheless, there are few people on this planet who wouldn't want Chris Hemsworth's face on their body. although some would prefer Tom Hiddleston have a go first.
It did lol. a month or so ago, I stated a FACT, that they super imposed/photoshopped chris hemsworth's face on my incredibly fit and chisled physique, just to make him look better and physically fit.

AM seems to be mocking me, when in reality this is 10000% a proven fact :P

Oh, but that's not fair! That would hypothetically be on the Thorhaters forum on the nine realms internet. They must have an internet between realms, because where else would they go to find out the dirt on Odin's declining strength, and the rest of the Asgardian Royal family, like who is adopted and what Midgardian female has caught Thor's eye.
as for odin, I hope we see some sort of power. I mean, if he has the power to strip thor of his powers, and send him to earth, he must have a little juice left in him, he is still clearly more powerful than thor

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