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Default Re: HONEST Answers Only... Did You Cry? (SPOILERS)

My emotional investment is in Batman himself...the character, his history and its relation to the loss of a parent (mine, however, was through divorce and abandonment instead of death...even so) and the sense of lonliness and isolation I used to feel throughout my entire life prior to this last year.

My first word when I was an infant, I kid you not, was "Matman"...and you can clearly see the intention there even if the execution of that first letter was off.

This character has been so integrated into my entire life and I've followed the trajectory of contemporary Batman having been born right at the commencement of Tim Burton's tenure and the creation of "The Animated Series."

That all said, I a baby.

Now to specify, the midnight showing of the trilogy left me too exhausted and shocked to react at all beyond having my jaw on the floor. I could feel it tugging in my chest but it hit so much and so fast that I was blindsided more than anything.

I saw the film a total of 4 times in theatres and it was in the subsequent viewings, especially the 3rd and 4th, where emotion swelled.

For me, it was both the scene where Alfred decides to leave Wayne Manor and reveals the truth about Rachel...and from Bruce dropping hint of his identity to Gordon all the way up to the end.

The earlier scene got my eyes wet.

But the entire ending was so monumental. Seriously, I was outright blubbering, it's not even an exaggeration.

What Gordon meant to Bruce.

The concept that even after his persecution, Batman is STILL fighting to save the city.

"No, that's BATMAN!"

Bruce's face as he accepts his fate combined with harking back to the chorus from his parent's death.

Gordon's Eulogy in voice over combined with the lives Batman has saved.

Alfred standing before Bruce's grave...and THEN moving to reveal Thomas and Martha (the idea that, through death, he's reunited with his parents)...and Alfred crying over his failure.

"No one's going to know who saved an entire city."

The reveal of the Batman statue/The dismantling of the Wayne Estate.


Now all of the proceeding were just tears of genuine sadness.

But then, once it starts revving back up to assure you that Bruce has in fact survived and we get that moment of Alfred acknowledging Bruce in the cafe...the tears kept flowing, but they were tears of joy.

As Kevin Smith so eloquently put it, this dude has finally caught a break and he's allowed, in that moment of smiling to Alfred, the chance to be alive and happy.

I really couldn't care any less about all the naysayers who were crying foul that Bruce would abandon Gotham and the mantle.

As far as I'm concerned, Bruce EARNED that happy ending. That comes from my relationship and feelings about him as a character throughout my life.


So yeah, I cried. BIG time.

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