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I don't necessarily think Batman's always best when he's "grounded and real." Grounded maybe, but I don't think you have to be all that real. (Let's face it, Nolan wasn't all that real, just look at Two-Face for that.)

But I think there are a lot of characters that would work amazingly well on film that aren't realistic in the slightest. Mr. Freeze for example. The trick is to keep it darker in tone.

I wouldn't mind seeing the next batch of films be more like TAS in style, and slightly darker. Basically like the Arkham games. That way we can have the more fantasic villains like Freeze, just handled in a serious way.
I wasn't saying that Batman had to do away with any sci-fi/fantasy elements far from it. batman works as a dark character and he needs to stay that way.

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What made Hawkgirl so much more deserving of a spotlight than Aquaman? The answer is her vagina--
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