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Default Re: Webbing formula - Part 1

It probably isn't that strong, but its still pretty strong. However, swinging is possible but unlikely and dangerous because...

Practicalities - Why Swinging Is Not Likely
Courtesy of Nolder
Some of you have been wondering about swinging. The problem is that the web has to support the swinger's weight and the centripital force which will be greatest at the bottom of his swing.
1.) Consider that Peter Parker is 100 kg (around 220 lbs). That's pretty heavy but it gives us some some safety room and it makes the calculation a whole lot easier.
2.) Many sources state the Spider-Man can go 80 mph. This seems pretty high considering a lot of roller coasters max out at arround that speed. It's a slow day; Spidey doesn't have anywhere to be for once. So he's just cruisin'. Let's say he's going 45 mph, or about 20 m/s
3.) Let's say his web is 9 or 10 storys long (9 or 10 floors) so its about 30 meters
We use this formula to calculate how much the web would actually have to hold
F = M(V^2)/R
M is the mass, which is 100 kg
V is the velocity, 20m/s
R is the radius (his swings are really a series of half circles) which is 30 meters
F = M(V^2)/R = 100 kg * (20 m/s) ^2 / 30 m = 10^3 N
1000 N or 1000 newtons is 224 pounds. But don't get all excited yet. We still have to add a gravitational force of:
Fg = MG = 10^3 N.
So it's really like his web has to hold 2 x 10^3 N, or 450 pounds. More than twice his weight.
Granted, this is for a 220 pound Peter Parker, but it doesn't take into account other variables AND this is him going at a relatively slow speed.
A) He weighed more
B) He was swinging faster or
C) His web was shorter
The web would have to hold greater force.
Let me make it clear that if you weigh half that he does (110 lbs), that does NOT mean the web will only have to hold half of what we calculated. Velocity, radius, and gravitational force would remain the same reguardless of your weight unless you changed them too.

I'm 10 years old and 66 lbs , but it doesn't seem like I am going to be swinging around anytime soon.

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