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Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
I don't think we'll ever see Magneto's forcefield now - it would too random, like 'Huh, why didn't he do that in the other films?'. But there is potential for Iceman to hone his skills into creating ice slides!
Well young Magneto could use them as he's already controlling a sky-full of missiles with no problem, way before he reaches his peak. It wouldn't be all that difficult to explain away a loss of power after a particular event in a future film. Would make sense if Charles is involved and it is the event that finally pushes him outside of the X-Men and to proper villain status.

Iceman, I like the actor fine. But they really need to give him some Iceman (that's Iceman, not frostboy) powers at some stage.

The X3 role was reduced during production. I interviewed the actress about it. She said there had been a scene where Psylocke used her psi-blades in a laboratory fight scene, but it was cut and never filmed. By that time, the actress had been cast and the costuming and styling completed, and so we had that very limited version of the character. I'd say there is scope to do a proper version of Psylocke in future, as the character's name is never mentioned in X3 and the role is so minor.
Hope so. After so many X-films it would be good to have seen all the major X-Men done justice in at least one film.

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