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Default Re: Web shooter shop class - Part 2

Hey guys, a little update here. I got a relay today and tested out the solenoid control circuit on my breadboard. It works perfectly (good thing I could find a relay rated for 5V). Anyway, I'm going to solder it tonight onto a little PCB I got at RadioShack with the relay and some NPN switching transistors. The circuit involves a reed-type relay, 2 of the 2N2222 transistors, and the solenoids. It also has a 9V battery to power the solenoid. It is basically just a transistor switching driver with a tranistor "MML" inverter connected to the input. It's a simple circuit, and I'll be uploading a picture of the schematic soon. Also, I will upload a video of the circuit at work (i.e. the completed shooter) sometime this week... that is, if I ever find my camera.

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