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Default Re: Comic films you think should be rebooted?

Originally Posted by grout View Post
Thank God someone else said this,, I agree with BB I liked it allot... The next two were just flat out boring to me.. After BB they just hijacked the environment, look, too much dialog, too many characters etc.. The next two were not for me at all. Any way i just thought I was alone with liking BB and not the others,, I get bashed most of the time for it.
We're definitely not alone. I've encountered many here and elsewhere who think similarly about Nolan's trilogy. I didn't find the sequels boring. I found them sneaky, full of themselves and intellectually insulting. When the thing that makes you movie work, that is the driving force without which your movie would fall flat....when ultimately your sole reason for it working is "well, the movie just needs this to happen so we'll make it happen" then your writing has failed and you weren't clever enough to find a solution that made sense and was satisfying.

"We don't know how to make the Joker a credible threat to the entire city since he has no powers and this iteration of Batman doesn't lend itself to lethal joy buzzers and smile-x gas balloons not to mention the fact that he'd only last 2 seconds against the hero in an actual fight. I know! We'll just make everything he does just work out and then he'll seem really smart(and by extension so will we the writers) and we'll just keep that up till we need the movie to end and him to go down. And to keep people from noticing and asking logical questions, we'll throw in a lot of panache and stuff to distract them. Boy, we sure got a lot of mileage out of that pencil trick scene. People were ready to forgive ANY logical inconsistencies after that."

Yeah, uh.....that's just terrible for any movie to pull on it's audience.

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