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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Evil Twin View Post
Frankly, some of the "fans" did TDKR no favor in the behavior leading up to the release. Death threats to the few critics that gave early negative reviews certainly engendered no goodwill.

TDKR was well reviewed and received, but not as well reviewed and received as TDK. And the competition was tougher this year.
Some are seriously underestimating the backlash that Nolan's been receiving since he burst onto the world stage.

The more and more his career continues, I just feel, deep down, he's going to be the new Kubrick, in terms of lack of recognition.

I mean, it still amazes me to this day that Kubrick hasn't got an Academy Award for his work. I'm not the most diehard of Kubrick fans but just based on Full Metal Jacket, the Shining, and 2001 alone, that guy should've had 3 Oscars without fail. EASILY.

Not saying Nolan's at that level yet but how does a guy who directs Memento, Knight, and Inception not get a best director nomination? Especially when you look at the competition each year those films were released....

This year is even worse when it comes to giving one film that general audience slot. This isn't even close between the big tentpole films this year. Not even close.

I'm no Rises zealot. It made my top ten of the year but it's down on the list but the balls that Nolan shows in Rises, in terms of the scale and how far he was willing to take the narrative (especially in tone), easily beat out the safe tentpole films that got released this year.

And we all know, and don't deny it or get PC with it, the horrific elephant in the room. It's one of the main reasons why it's not being recognized. Just calling it like I see it.