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Default Re: Pepper Potts as Rescue

Originally Posted by Just one more View Post
The similarities to SM2 would be pointed out ad nauseam if they went that route.

Rescue is a far more original way to deal with that same problem.

Those against Rescue must be happy for Pepper to be the damsel in distress. One or the other is going to happen, make your choice as to which you prefer.
Having Tony ditch Pepper because "it's just too dangerous to be around a complicated guy like me" would be very similar to SM2, sure --- and to tons of other movies dating back to the silent movie era. It's an old, old pastiche, but it's a proven one: the hero's world is much too dangerous for him to allow any one female to get too close to.

May be patriarchal and chauvinist and all that, but it makes sense, too: if Tony (or any other hero) wants to *truly* keep his girl out of harm's way, he has to either separate himself from her, or quit his dangerous job. Forcing her to wear a suit of armor every time she goes to the bathroom is *not* a valid option, and in many ways, is selfish on Tony's part and disrespectful to Pepper, in that he continues to put her in danger and draws an even bigger bullseye on her by creating a much higher profile for her.

And no, I don't want Pepper to be "damsel in distress." I want her to be strong and independent, which she's *supposed* to be. There's no better way to show the strength and independence of her character than to show that she doesn't need Tony Stark's help to survive.


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