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Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
That depends how much audiences see Fassneto as the young McNeto. They might wonder why McKellen's Magneto didn't use a force field.

(But I'd love to see Magneto's force field bubble on screen!)
That's what I was saying earlier that this past series of films will probably end with a devastating Xavier Magneto moment that ends up with Mags (probably both of them) getting seriously injured and possibly losing some of the power he gains. The missile thing shows how powerful he is already in the 1st film before he has reached supervillain status. Plenty of room to fall back if he continues far enough along that path.

Yeah would be awesome to see along with the ice slide although I'd be happy just to to see Iceman iced up properly during a long action scene and then in some non action dialogue scenes 1st.

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