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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXX

Originally Posted by SuperMike335!! View Post
Nolan's Visionary "realism" was really NOT realism, and was rather just giving the film a serious tone, and tossing out the Sci-Fi elements.

The point being its rediculous when people say one cannot have those elements in a Batman movie, or it won't be dark/serious enough because somehow Science fiction always has to mean camp, but only if it's Batman.

My point is that it is impossible to make a movie, that as Nolan and his fans who defend every nugget he pinches out as "completely realistic in every single sense and way". - which it is not, nor is even possible.

Therefor, our next go round, can we have out Batman Sci-Fi elements back?
Color me confused now...what does making a grapple gun out of rope and metal have to do with realism and sci-fi elements?

I agree, the next reboot should definitely be aligned with more of the Arkham games with mixing realism and more fantastical or sci-fi elements, if you will, but your suggestion of making a grapple gun.....what does that have to do with your new statement now?

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