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Default Was I the only one shocked during the big reveal?

I know being as big of a Batman fan as I am, I shouldn't have been. That I should have seen the obvious Talia name cover up, just like with Ra's in Begins. But I was so intensely into the movie towards the end, that knowing the history of the comic books and knowing that Miranda had to be Talia, it's like my brain couldn't acknowledge it when Batman was interrogating Bane about "THE TRIGGA!!!."

Then when she stuck the knife through him, you would have thought that I had no idea that Talia was a character in the DC universe. I even thought that Batman was possibly going to die by hanging(when Bane was covering his neck with the noose). I guess I assumed that in the end Catwoman would someone show up to foil the plan at the last moment. But it really didn't make sense thinking for more than 5 seconds about that as a potential ending. And I was too wrapped up in the moment and not wanting Batman to really die in the film, that I couldn't look that much into it. It played out too fast for my brain to make recognition of it all.

I guess I get sucked into movies sometimes, and all that reading of spoilers and stuff just goes out the window when I'm actually focused and watching the movie. Anyone else shocked at the twist?

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