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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXX

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Color me confused now...what does making a grapple gun out of rope and metal have to do with realism and sci-fi elements?

I agree, the next reboot should definitely be aligned with more of the Arkham games with mixing realism and more fantastical or sci-fi elements, if you will, but your suggestion of making a grapple gun.....what does that have to do with your new statement now?
I never said a grapple "gun". I thought it unrealistic for Batman to not simply use a rope and a metal hook, he could easily make, and use it to get to that hard to reach ledge.

True, there are much better examples of unrealistic things one could find in a series of movies that some fanboys and the director insist is entirely really possible. - and the reason the movies are good was due to the serious nature, and getting rid of campy elements.

Marvel has proved that it is entirely possible to have Sci-Fi in movies and avoid camp at the same time.

Therefor silly to throw out Sci-Fi universe Batman exists in, in order to make everything realistic, if that realism is futile anyway. The movies never needed "realism", they needed a serious treatment.

Yes, I would be happy with a much more visually sytlized Batman series, with the sci-fi characters, the more artistic look of Gotham city. The Universe in the Arkham games would be a good template to start with.

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