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Default Re: Calling it now: the triple sonic boom will be Superman's signature move in the fi

Arta, no offense, but using the term "signature move" belies your inherent misunderstanding of the character of Superman.

He's not a vapid, forgettable character of anime or an even more hollow skin in a fighting game. He's the first and perhaps the greatest superhero. He's a literary character that has survived for three quarters of a century and will continue to endure long after we're all gone.

So please, go and do some reading on the character so you can get a grasp on him other than what you've seen in a two-minute trailer or a video game preview.

I recommend these collections:
*Superman For All Seasons
*Superman: Secret Identity
*Superman: The Man of Steel
*The Death of Superman Trilogy
*All-Star Superman
*Superman and The Men of Steel
*Kingdom Come
*Superman: Up, Up, and Away!

Read a few (or all) of these and then let's see if you still want to make ridiculous statements like "Superman's signature move will be..."


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