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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Originally Posted by regwec View Post
That's a preposterous statement. They have one plot device in common, and it is one which they share with a dozen other movies.

TDKR was fine but, for me, it is comfortably the weakest film of the trilogy, and so I feel it is undeserving of any awards that were beyond the reach of its two predecessors.
One plot device... And an entire sequence in the middle of the film down to the way it's cut, with the same anarchic villain cutting through the film, and the idea of using a thematically relevant idea to push the film through (which is always commendable, but they didn't really try to make it all that unique, it's got TDK's dna all over it). I still enjoyed the film, but it definitely took many cues from TDK, and frankly the execution was much sloppier, which I don't blame Mendes for- this was only his first attempt at such a blockbuster. But the similarities were distracting and sloppy just as the references to old Bond moments were. I appreciated the ideas, but the execution just didn't deliver for me. Much how some people find TDKR. Only difference for me is that as I continue to dig into TDKR I find more and more layers to explore, which is simply not the case with Skyfall.

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