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Default Re: What would you have done differently with Arrow?

First off love this show!!! Especially the training sequences etc. Of all the recent heroes brought into live action I can fully believe this guy could function as a vigilante. This show was a surprise for me, I'm glad I started watching from the beginning.

The only thing I would change is not making him kill in cold blood. I get killing in self defense but snapping a guy's neck to protect your identity on the first episode is a sure fire way to alienate your audience. It reminds me of the Daredevil movie. They establish at the beggining of the film that he has no problem killing a bad guy or at least letting him die. Then by the end of the film he's gone through some sort of character arc where now he won't kill the worst murderous villain in the whole city Really, the guy who now knows your identity and threatens to out you etc. It just doesn't make sense.

I feel like establishing a character as willing to kill strips away the cops ability to help or cover for this vigilante. He's a murderer plane and simple, they can't ignore that. He needs to be brought to justice. It also makes his interactions a bit odd. It was one thing to see Clark in Smallville to confront a fellow young hero and set them on the right moral path, but Ollie is kind of a hypocrite with Helena. He may not kill as freely or crazy as her but come on. Also if Helena was anyone else she'd be dead but he let her go and will most likely never kill her. Ok then on what basis does he take a life then? I like the character, I like his development, but that is one thing that seems inconsistent and unnecessary. He can't do a bunch of good deeds and get his record expunged now, he has blood on his hands. Again in straight self defense, it's understandable but snapping someone's neck isn't exactly self defense.

I like the supporting cast etc. The acting isn't great on this show, so I really don't understand calling out certain actors or actresses as if they bring the show down, none of them are great but they're all effective. That's all you need.

And for the people saying the show should have super powers or be more like the comic, if they were going to go that route then they should've just spun off of Smallville honestly after he first appeared instead of using him on that show for so long. You had the trick arrows, a light-hearted Ollie etc. In order to establish that this is a different version of that character they had to go in a more realistic direction. I'm not complaining. It's an adaptation. It can't be the comic verbatim and thankfully it's not. That doesn't make or break everything, the adaptation itself needs to be good enough to stand on it's own merit. And it's fine that he isn't called Green Arrow. Arrow works fine as title of the show. And in the last episode so far someone does call him Green Arrow. That episode also featured some of his first visible heroics with civilians. No doubt they might dub him the Green Arrow.

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