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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXX

Originally Posted by SuperMike335!! View Post
I never said a grapple "gun". I thought it unrealistic for Batman to not simply use a rope and a metal hook, he could easily make, and use it to get to that hard to reach ledge.
He could have for sure, but he didn't. Don't know why you're so caught up(no pun intended) with this one.

True, there are much better examples of unrealistic things one could find in a series of movies that some fanboys and the director insist is entirely really possible. - and the reason the movies are good was due to the serious nature, and getting rid of campy elements.
Nothing in this trilogy is "entirely really possible". You're taking the word 'realism' too far, even more than "Nolanites" or plain fans of the trilogy when you seriously think everyone believes someone can be a vigilante or that the RICO case could work as well as it does in TDK or that a woman can go around robbing people blind while walking on five-six inch heels.

Marvel has proved that it is entirely possible to have Sci-Fi in movies and avoid camp at the same time.
No one is denying this, nor have I ever read anywhere else that would insist there would be a campy element with anything sci-fi except from you.

Therefor silly to throw out Sci-Fi universe Batman exists in, in order to make everything realistic, if that realism is futile anyway. The movies never needed "realism", they needed a serious treatment.
It's not silly. It's just something Nolan didn't want to use for his series and imo, it worked just fine. He got his story out and he was able to use certain characters without dwelling into any fantastical or sci-fi elements(the trickiest was Ra's al Ghul and I loved Nolan's version of Ra's).

Yes, I would be happy with a much more visually sytlized Batman series, with the sci-fi characters, the more artistic look of Gotham city. The Universe in the Arkham games would be a good template to start with.
Agreed. I wouldn't mind a direct adaptation of Arkham Asylum even. If we don't get Arkham City, fine, but I would at least like to see something like AA. They could even add elements from AC such as using characters like Hugo Strange, Black Mask, Catwoman, etc.

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