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Default Re: Was I the only one shocked during the big reveal?

Those pictures of the snow with Miranda (Tailia) were all over the web. I mean, for someone who uses a computer daily, it is kind of hard to avoid those pictures for an entire year.

Not to mention that the trailers made it too easy to figure out the plot. I knew that the sewer scene was going to be where Batman broke his back, and I knew that the snow scene was going to be the final battle.

I was hoping that Nolan was going to do a surprise fight scene, like he did in TDK with the SWAT scene. That SWAT scene was something I did not expect at all.

TDKR was predictable in general from beginning to end. But that does not mean it was a bad movie. It was very good, and I enjoyed the movie like crazy. The movie just liked suspense.

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