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Default Re: Was I the only one shocked during the big reveal?

I just don't feel that the twist was ever really meant to shock people. I'm sure Nolan would be glad to have fooled some people with it, but to anyone who knows anything about Batman, or just about femme fatales and Nolan's obsession with film noir, it was painfully clear that there was more to the Tate character. Almost every line she said oozed ambiguity. She has a mysterious scar on her back for crying out loud. This is part of why I enjoyed Rises more on all my subsequent viewings than that I did the first one. Tate is written in a way where all of her actions and lines have some ulterior motive, and it's more enjoyable once you know for sure that she's Talia.

"But on the nights when we had a fire, we felt very rich indeed."

Favorite Tatelia line in the whole movie.

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