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Default Re: Batman After Nolan

I'm just going to pretend for the moment that the Justice League film and any spin-offs or continuity with past or future films do not exist.

Some fantasy Batman film reboot principles:

* No long-winded origin story.
I love me a good drawn-out origin story, let me tell you. Brief flashbacks could be all that's needed in a new continuity. No harm with brief flashbacks in any sequels to this film either, so long as bad retconning is avoided.

* Focus on the activities of Batman and Bruce Wayne. Not the GCPD and the supporting cast.
The BM/BW actor should be in the far vast majority of shots in the film, interacting with the supporting cast. It should be scripted accordingly.

* No multiple love interests.
One movie only has so much time to establish one in a great way, let alone more than that.

* Take a break from the terrorists.
We just had a string of films dealing with post-9/11 angst and it's time to move beyond that. I appreciate that it gave us some cool villains but to carve its own path and really be a reboot it's time for a new theme.

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