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Default Re: An In-Depth Ranking of Every Marvel/DC Movie Superhero

Just found this thread and I'm really enjoying reading the explanations and rankings. Very well done. Looking forward to the last few.
Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Glad to see Anne Hathaway's Catwoman ranked in with the greats. She is by far my favorite character in TDKR, and generally the best thing about it, IMO. I'd have ranked her in the top 20, but you give her such a glowing account that it's good.
Indeed. There's no doubt she's the single best thing about the movie where I have zero quibbles. Without her things would've been a lot more drab. She was great in the costume and kicked ass - but I like how we get a good chunk of scenes of Anne as Selina - maid, at he airport, at the ball, at home, etc. That's the real side, just as she's listed as Selina Kyle and not Catwoman. She's a human being looking for a fresh start and the alter ego is part of that. Top stuff.

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