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Default Re: Was I the only one shocked during the big reveal?

Yep! I remember how crazy it was when that picture of Marion hit the TDKR spoiler forums. Honestly, the biggest shocker (FOR ME) was Bane breaking the Batman. I didn't think Nolan would keep that in the movie given how long it'd take Bruce to recover. So the timeflow of the 2nd act was a big surprise.

Those of us who knew this was a trilogy going into the film probably picked up on the hints in Miranda's lines. Prior to this, people were talking up TDK. Almost as if they didn't know about or had totally forgotten BB. So its like Nolan wanted to remind the GA about BB.

The deception here wasn't any more...surprising than Ra's reveal in Act 3 of BB. However, I think the character Nolans and Goyer developed leading up to the reveal allowed Talia to truly walk up behind Batman and stab him. She stabbed him in the side, ya, but given how they had their thing, she also stabbed him in the heart.

@kv5: I think someone reported that Nolan had said, in a frustated manner, "How are they getting this?" or something similar. I don't recall for sure. Can someone back me up on this?

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