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Default Re: Avengers a culmination of Marvel history (including 616/Ultimate/etc.)

Originally Posted by Smashlilman View Post
Captain America's costume was based on Ultimate Captain America costume.

Caps "First Avenger" suit was clearly inspired by the Ultimates 2 suit[crossed with the Ultimates 1 cap ww2 suit] The suit used in the Avengers movie ditches many of the elements from the Ultimates suit that made it different from the classic 616 suit and the typical modern 616 suit. Like the shade of blue, shoulder stars, grey armpit and surrounding area, brown boots and gloves. I'd say the avengers movie costume was based entirely on the 616 look simply trading in physical wings with painted on ones

Hulk curbstomps Loki(leader of the invading chitauri force) in a similar way as he stomps the leader of the invading chitauri in Ultimates 1 vol 2

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