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Default Re: The Captain America/Chris Evans Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by Young Superman View Post
Which Captain America movie costume do you guys and girls like better, Captain America: TFA or Avengers?
TFA by far it looks good with and without the mask/helmet, it looks good still, in motion and from all angles it is by far my favorite captain america look/uniform/costume of any and all media

I'm not a fan of the suit from Avengers, its entirely tolerable without the mask/helmet but it looks entirely out of place with everyone else when the helmet a complete eyesore imo. It is on by far the worst looking super hero costume in a marvel movie within the last 15 years

I wished they would have used something like the TFA prototype, the one they showed off in promo art before settling on the final version used in the tfa movie. if they went with that look they would of had something equally badass but more modern looking

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