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Default Re: Webbing formula - Part 1

Originally Posted by TheAmazingSpide View Post
okay. So I know this is probably WAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY ahead of now, but I was thinking, what if we had pressurized chemicals in liquid state inside of the fluid cartridge that reacted with CO2 in the air to produce the webbing substance, and the heat of the reaction might be enough to not require a heat source for dry spinning (other than the heat caused by the chemical reaction, and assuming that it gives off heat), and possibly could power a thermocoil that could turn a very small fan that could keep the air circulating so that the chemical reaction continues, assuming that the reaction takes long enough to where in wouldn't instantly webbify your entire cartridge. So anyway, this will probably be way in the future, but I'm just throwing it out there.

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I doubt the heat of the reaction (unless you're speaking of something like a decomposition, which obviously this isn't, since CO2 is causing a composition reaction) would be enough to keep the fan spinning by shear heat convection. Also, there wouldn't even need to be a fan if the formula could simply react with CO2 to produce the web.

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