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Default Re: Batman After Nolan

I want the reboot to just jump right into the story. I want batman to not have time to explore his origin and parents because he's too busy trying to stop the villain from killing. Maybe you can go riddler for the first movie. as others have stated make it a 7 type role where batman is doing detective work all through out and he has to stop him. you can make it like arkham city where riddler is setting traps that batman has to figure out. not a threat to the city but just innocent civilians trapped in riddlers game. Bam that's the plot in its simple version.

Second movie you can dig deeper into Wayne as a character as he battles a villain that is a battle of the mind just as much as a physical in mr. freeze. freeze should be just like he is in Arkham city and btas. just a scientist wanting to save his wife and willing to do anything. now this villain should be a major city threat. freeze makes the city into an Iceland..also wouldn't mind seeing catwoman have a cameo.. freeze with all of his tech and weapons turns out to be too much for batman and he figures a way to destroy him in the end.

third movie introduce the joker..a little bit of heath mixed in with Hamills deadly as ledgers joker but laughs a lot more and does silly things more..also introduce Harley in this one as well..have joker turn Harley into the the sessions of how he made her crazy..then just have a movie full of epic battle between joker and batman..

I just came up with this as I type but just thoughts on what first popped into my mind..

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