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Default Re: Was I the only one shocked during the big reveal?

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
To me, the biggest twist of the film was the fact that the key to Bruce's rise was allowing fear back in. That's the core of the story and it flips his entire journey on its head while bringing it full circle..
That was a nice surprise to me.

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Yeah, I've never seen so many big details to a CBM movie get figured out so accurately long before the movie was due for release.
Yeah... And I remember a lot thinking that it can't be it. It can't be that simple. There has to be something more. It's Nolan after all.

I remember when the 3rd trailer came out, someone suggested that the back shot of Catwoman riding the Batpod might be the last shot of TDKR (since it kinda mirror's Batman's last shot in TDK) and I scoffed at the suggestion. I said there's absolutely no way that Nolan will end TDKR and his entire Batman trilogy with a shot of a character that's not Bruce and someone not even introduced until the 3rd movie. I said that even if Bruce dies, it will end with something/someone consistent within the 3 movies like maybe Gordon, the Batsignal, or Gotham. Oops. I was so wrong.

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