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Default Re: Kick Ass 2 announcement coming soon

I just watched Kick Ass for the first time a few nights ago. I had heard of the film, and vaguely remember watching a trailer for it, but have no recollection of what I saw. Outside of this I knew nothing about it, nor did I come on here to discuss it with anyone. I was expecting a silly, light hearted, and non violent film about teens going out dressed as superheroes. When I saw Cage shooting Moretz in the chest I was kind of thrown for a loop. I was like, hmm, that's kind of unusual for the type of film I was watching, but let it go. It wasn't long after that that I was watching Moretz stabbing people and cutting off body parts to the tra la la song. The film got more and more violent as it went, and 99% of the violence was committed by a murderous 11 year old dressed in a silly purple costume.

In summary, this was easily the most violent and inappropriate teen film I've ever watched - and I loved ever minute of it. I wonder what the parent teacher council had to say about it. The film had the perfect blend of story, drama, and action. The score worked beautifully and may have been one of the best if not the best I heard all of 2012. It was a little weird hearing reused music from another film though, but it worked well. Hit Girl was my favorite character and really stole the show.

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