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Default Re: Was I the only one shocked during the big reveal?

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
It was one of the most unsurprising movie twists I've ever seen. Clear as day pics of Cottiard in LOS garb walking casually with armed LOS men were all over the net a year before the movie's release.

One of the worst kept secrets for a movie.
One of the most unsurprising twists for you, sure. And even for the majority of us here at SHH. But every person that I saw the film with (none of them being news/picture-seeking whores like ourselves) was completely surprised and loved the twist.

For the most part, the twist being one of the "worst kept secrets for a movie" comes down to this: the decision to shoot that final sequence outdoors and on location. I, for one, am still more than happy with that final "war" because it's a beautiful sequence that feels 10x more authentic than it would have felt if it was shot in front of green screens or on a set with CGI additions. That was clearly Nolan's thinking behind it, as well.

And even with those pics leaking and the rumors being afloat for months, so many were never exposed to them and were completely surprised. I didn't read one major review that complained about a "completely obvious twist" or anything like that.

We Hypesters weren't surpsied because we are all keen detectives when it comes to these things and have spoiled countless movies for ourselves over the years.

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