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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread

Edward makes his way down the hall ever mindful of the cameras and gets to the janitor's closet.

Edward slips in and closes the door and quickly makes another quick change this time into a janitor's uniform, a wig and contact lenses.

He then enters the hallway and begins pushing a cart.

Just then he sees several U-S Marshals escorting Tony Devenger down the hall with Alison in tow wearing a green dress.

It's go time.

He makes sure that he is out of the way as much as he can be and waits for the group to pass him by

Once the group has passed him by and sees that the group has entered the courtroom. Edward looks up and begins to push his cart away from the courtroom. He sees that no one else is around and he is out of camera range and looks inside his cart. At the bottom of the cart is 2 more disguises, a remote control and a bugging device. Edward then moves his cart back into the closet.

Everything is in place here now to wait for the right moment.

He hears the Bailiff call the court to order.

And be ready Eddie....

As the Judge slams the gavel there are several screams of people in pain within the court room and Edward presses a button on the remote that kills all cell phone signals within the courtroom.

Edward with cat like reflexes gets into the courtroom and grabs Allison who is holding her eyes.

Edward whispers, "Be quiet the blindness will fade in about 5 minutes"

He leads the two of them to the janitor's closet and slips a different colored dress over Allison and a brunette wig.

Edward says, "Look at me Allison."

Allison begins to focus her eyes and says, "In a minute the S-W-A-T team is going to storm this place looking for you and to figure out what happened. We need to wait here until they do."

She focuses her eyes and says, "All-right but what do we do for now?"

Edward says, "We wait here. We try to slip out now they'd expect that."

He winks at her and says, "Trust me."

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