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Default Re: How Long Was Bruce Wayne Actually Batman in this Trilogy?

i gotta admit this is the one thing i do not like about the newer movies. the whole deal with batman quitting, then not quitting on and off again was rediculous. the "real" batman, as in the comics, would not keep quitting or trying to look for a reason to quit. batman of the comics, and of the original films, was a super determined person who was literally obsessed with his batman creation and everything from this suit, vehicles, weapons, etc reflected this obsession. I DO understand that the new batmans are trying to be realistic and not trying too hard to be just like the comics, so i guess in a way they get a "free pass" from the fans because of this. but christian bales batman didnt seem nearly as obsessed with batman and his parents murder as he should have been. yes i Begins he did seem so but in the sequels he seemed to be looking for a reason to quit being batman which to me isnt batman at all. val kilmer seemed to get it more right in that deleted scene where he discovers he must be batman "forever" not because he has to be but because he "chooses to be". THATS batman. but in TDK bruce is hopeing harvey dent will be able to take his mantle so batman wont be needed. so your saying once gotham is "fixed", bruce wayne will no longer need to be batman? cmon. evil always is out there. theres always thugs and people to fight. batman wouldnt just leave it up to the police. didnt he try to do something like this in "mask of the phantasm", he'll give more money to the police but he is still haunted by his parents death.

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