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Default Re: Was I the only one shocked during the big reveal?

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
You must be joking! They showed Joker's prologue months in advance before the movie was released. It was not meant to be a secret. Nor did they build a whole load of subterfuge around that through the movie like they did with making the audience think Bane was the child of Ra's who escaped the pit. Even bringing in Liam Neeson for a cameo to confirm that for Bruce.

Bad analogy, Batlobster. Really bad.
I'm half-kidding. My point is the prologue itself was like its own little short film, right? To me it's like the same concept, only applied to an entire film. A Micro/macro kinda thing.

It's pretty obvious that the Grumpy clown is kind of suspicious and up to no good and is using the people around him, just like it's pretty obvious that Miranda Tate is kind of suspicious and probably up to no good and using the people around her. That's all I am trying to say. I stand by it!

Originally Posted by Excelsior. View Post
Not to mention Joker's revealed face and grin, even after seeing bootlegs of the prologue a countless times, the film a countless times, remains one of the most joyful moments ever in the Trilogy.
But of course.

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