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Default Re: Was I the only one shocked during the big reveal?

Originally Posted by theShape View Post
Clearly stated there was no statistic other than good ol' common sense. Are you suggesting that out of the MILLIONS of people who viewed TDKR in theaters and now on home video and on demand...that a majority of them knew that Miranda Tate was Talia al Ghul beforehand?
Yes, since common sense tells you millions of people read the internet, movie websites etc, how easy word of mouth spreads, and how it was reported on movie websites that don't even specifically cater to what you called spoiler whores looking for every little scrap of detail about the movie.

These were cast interviews and actual photos plastered everywhere about it. It wasn't some tiny little rumor that a handful of websites were whispering about that only caught the ears of die hard fanboys. Marion Cottiard was being asked by interviewers if she was playing a villainess called Talia. That''s how much attention it caught.

I think this is a quite logical way of looking at it, rather than "EVERYONE KNEW IT!!!"
Oh no, I'm not suggesting nearly everyone who set foot into the theater knew it. But a good sizable percentage, at least half I'd say, knew it.

We're both pretty much talking conjecture at this point, if you think about it. I'm saying that it wasn't that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things and the "leaks" didn't hurt the film critically or financially. You're saying that this was one of the worst kept secrets in film history and you seem to be suggesting that a many more people knew the secret beforehand compared to what I am suggesting. There were, in fact, leaks on the internet, but we're debating the reach of ultimate effect of those leaks on the film in the eyes of audience members (not just hardcore fans).
I'm not saying it hurt the movie financially, critically on the other hand I'd say that's debatable, given how under utilized and insignificant Cottiard's character was often criticized for.

It is one of the worst kept movie secrets. Easily. What great movie twists can you mention that were leaked the way this was? Give me an answer to that then you've got your stats to prove it.

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